Nonwoven and woven geotextile fabric from GeoFanTex Geosynthetics

Geofantex Geosynthetics is the leading supplier of Nonwoven Geotextiles, Woven Geotextile Fabric, PET Geogrids, Fiber Glass Geogrids, Plastic Geogrids, Geocells, Geomembranes, Geonet. GeofanTex have been exporting the Geosynthetics products by vessels to New Zealand, Canada, South America, and South East Asia and South Africa and Africa in recent years. The Geosynthetics have been designed and placed on the projects of environmental engineering and ocean protection engineering.

Geofantex Geosynthetics

China Supplier :Geotextile: Woven geotextile / Nonwoven geotextile Geogrid: PP geogrid / HDPE geogrid / PET geogrid / Fiberglass geogrid Geomembrane: HDPE membrane / LLDPE membrane / EPDM membrane Geocell: Smooth HDPE geocell / Textured HDPE geocell Geonet: Tri-planar geonet / Bi-planar geonet Geocomposites



  • Plastic geogrid production process

    Plastic geogrid production process

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  • What are the general classification of geotextiles

    What are the general classification of geotextiles? Geotextile is a single water-permeable material made from polymer as raw material, through non-woven process, weaving process, weaving process and wet-laid process. It is widely used in road, railway, water conservancy and water transport. Infrastructure, airport, environmental protection and other infrastructure construction, in the project to play the role of filtration, drainage, protection, isolation and crack prevention. What are the general classifications of geotextiles?

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