PET Uniaxial Geogrid

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PET Uniaxial Geogrid

PET Uniaxial Geogrid (GeofanGrid WPS)

Typically used in basal reinforcement applications, the PET Uniaxial Geogrid (GeofanGrid WPS) is used to absorb lateral forces that would be exerted upon the sub grade from traffic loading stress.

PET Uniaxial Geogrid (GeofanGrid WPS) is a biaxial geogrid manufactured from high tenacity PET yarns encased in a protective polymeric coating to protect the material from chemical attack in the case of extreme pH conditions. The high tenacity PET ensures maximum design life and excellent creep characteristics whilst the flexible nature of the material allows very fast and easy installation.
1. PET Uniaxial Geogrid (GeofanGrid WPS) is composed of high strength bars, with excellent one long-term creep strength. PET (Polyester) type geogrids are made from a woven matrix of high strength polyester fibers that are coated with a protective polymer.
2. The strength of PET Uniaxial Geogrid (GeofanGrid WPS) allows positive reinforcement of embankments, retaining walls, steep slopes and other vertical soil structures. PET Uniaxial Geogrid (GeofanGrid WPS) interlocks with the soil providing long term reinforcement.
3. PET Uniaxial Geogrid (GeofanGrid WPS) are extremely oriented in one principle strength direction. PET Uniaxial Geogrid (GeofanGrid WPS)strengths can be very high. PET Uniaxial Geogrids have extremely good long term creep performance.

Mechanical Proeperties of PET Uniaxial Geogrid (GeofanGrid WPS)

PET Uniaxial Geogrid (GeofanGrid WPS)  range has equal tensile strength in both directions and has ultimate tensile strengths ranging from25kN/m up to 600kN/m.      OR COULD MANUFATURED ACCORDING TO YOUR ENQUIRY.

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The Application of PET Uniaxial Geogrid (GeofanGrid WPS)
1. Aggregate Reinforcement
2. Slope reinforcement
3. Veneer Reinforcement
4. Retaining wall reinforcement
5. Base and other reinforcement applications

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