Geosynthetics Applications and Cases

Geofantex Geosynthetics products applications include Geotextile, Geomembrane, Geogrid, Geocell, GCL etc., and all the applications in the cases.

  • 1206-2020

    Product application: application of high-strength geocell in municipal engineering

    The applications of geocell: 1. Used for stabilizing railway subgrade;      2. Used for stabilizing highway subgrade;      3. Embankment and retaining wall used to bear load;      4. Used for shallow water channel management;      5. Used to support pipelines and sewers;      6. Mixed retaining wall used to prevent landslide from bearing gravity;      7. For independent walls, docks, breakwaters, etc.;      8. It is used to control deserts, beaches, river beds and river banks.

  • 1106-2020

    Several types of composite geomembrane and construction techniques

    Composite geomembrane is a member of a large family of geosynthetic materials. It is widely used in highways, railways, water conservancy, large buildings, power plant ash dam construction, non-ferrous metal tailings treatment, environmental protection engineering, water and soil conservation, etc. The service life of the composite geomembrane is mainly determined by whether the plastic film loses its anti-seepage and water-blocking effect. According to the national standards, a 0.2cm thick polyethylene film with stabilizer for hydraulic engineering is used under clean water conditions. The working period can reach 40~50 years, and the working period under sewage conditions is 30~40 years. Therefore, the service life of composite geomembrane is enough to meet the service life of dam anti-seepage requirements.

  • 2705-2020

    Geotextile type, performance, engineering choice

    Geotextile is a single permeable material produced from non-woven process, woven process, weaving process, wet-laid process, etc. using polymer as raw material. , Water conservancy, water transportation, airport, environmental protection and other basic construction fields, play a role in filtration, drainage, protection, seperation and crack prevention in the project.

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