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  • 2510-2021

    Define Geosynthetics

    Geosynthetics is a general term for various products made from synthetic materials used in geotechnical engineering and civil engineering construction. Because they are mainly used in geotechnical engineering, they are called "geo-synthetic materials" with the word "geo" (geo) to distinguish them from natural materials.

  • 0707-2021

    What are the main characteristics and types of geotextiles

    The main raw materials of geotextiles are polypropylene, polyester, polyamide and so on. Geotextiles are classified into water filtration type, impermeable type, and heat preservation type according to their uses. The width is 1 to 18 meters, and the length is unlimited. The thickness of the geotextile is related to the forming method, and the weight per square meter ranges from 16 grams to 900 grams. Geofantex Geosynthetics geotextile could supply 16-2000 grams geotextiles.

  • 0806-2021

    One Word: Geotextile

    One of the most rapidly growing applications of textiles is the use of geotextiles. Geotextiles include for ground stabilization, geotextiles for water and soil erosion, geotextiles for roads, and geotextile for moisture-proof.

  • 2705-2021

    Definition of geotextile

    Geotextile, also known as (geotechnical fiber or geomembrane), refers to a coiled material for civil engineering made of synthetic fiber weaving or non-woven processes such as cementing, hot pressing and needle punching.

  • 1005-2021

    What is Geocomposite products

    Geotextiles, geomembranes, geogrids and some special geosynthetics are combined with two or more of them to become geocomposites. Geocomposite materials can combine the properties of different materials to better meet the needs of specific projects and can play a variety of functions. For example, composite geomembrane is a geotextile composition made of geomembrane and geotextile according to certain requirements.

  • 2603-2021

    What is Plastic Geogrid and Polyester/Glass Fiber Geogrid

    Geogrid is a major geosynthetic material. Compared with other geosynthetics, it has unique performance and efficacy. Geogrids are often used as reinforcements for reinforced soil structures or composites. Geogrids are divided into two types: polyester/glass fiber and plastic.

  • 2403-2021

    What is PE composite geomembrane

    1. Density: Density depends on its manufacturing material. Even if the polymers used to make geomembrane belong to the same category, there are often obvious differences.

  • 2303-2021

    What is Geomembrane

    Geomembrane can generally be divided into two categories: asphalt and polymer (synthetic polymer). Geomembrane containing bitumen is mainly composite (including woven or non-woven geotextile), and bitumen is used as an infiltration binder.

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