Geomembrane and Geotextile for landfill slopes


For the slope sides of the landfill, geosynthetics have a decisive advantage because they can be placed on much steeper slopes than mineral layers without risk of instability. This is the case for the impermeable geomembrane and the drainage and protection geotextile.

An example of the double layer system is shown in which a combined liner is used for the lower parts, placed on very steep slopes. Local regulations required a minimum compacted soil with permeablility less than overlain by an HDPE geomembrane with a minimum thickness of 1.5mm.

The designers uesd a GCL in place of compacted soil, as the latter would have been subjected to stability problems.For the same cause, the granular drainage materials used to collect the leacheattes are replaced on the geotextile filter placed on geonets.

Another advantage of using geosynthetics is that they are easier to install. The use of geosynthetics, however, poses new stablity problems.

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