Geomembrane construction precautions


Geomembrane construction precautions

(1) The joint treatment of geomembrane is the key procedure of construction, which directly affects the operational life of the project. According to the quality inspection, the hot welding method is ideal. (It can also be glued with special glue.) The heat welding method is the surface heat treatment of the PE geomembrane, so that the surface is melted and then integrated into the body by pressure.

(2) The geomembrane is preferably laid in a certain direction. The PE film and the PET non-adhesive layer are reserved on both sides of the geomembrane. When laying, the geomembrane orientation of each unit should be adjusted to facilitate the welding of the two geomembranes.

(3) After the geomembrane is laid, it should be pressed with a sand bag to prevent the wind from moving, and the edge joints must be free of dirt, moisture and dust.

(4) Before welding, adjust the PE film on both sides of the joint to make a certain broadband, and it is flat and wrinkle-free.

(5) When welding, it is best to weld with a technician with certain experience, and use a special welding machine for welding. To adjust the temperature and speed, (also glue bonding).

According to many years of practice, the thickness of the geomembrane is not less than 0.25mm. If it is too thin, it may cause pores, and it is easy to be damaged during construction to reduce the anti-seepage effect. In the construction of geomembrane, special attention should be paid to the laying should not be too tight, not wrinkle, and the splicing should be firm. It is necessary to strictly follow the technical specifications and put together five quality guarantees such as preparation, laying, splicing, inspection and backfilling.

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