geotextile and geomembrane for concrete protection


To increase interface friction, rougher, so called " textured " geomembrane may be used on the slpoes. For a landfill,  a smooth geomembrane has been used for the bottom liner and rough geomembrane for the slopes.

textured geomembrane

This problem must also be studied for landfill caps. The professor conducted a full-scale study of stability of the geosynthtics composites made up as follows,  from top to bottom: covering soil, geotextile fabric, geonet, smooth or rough geomembrane. He observed sliding between the geomembrane and the geonet. It has been found that textured geomembranes, which perform well in contact with the  soil, exhibit less fricyion than smooth geomembraneswhen in contact with a geonet. On the other hand, textured geomembrane in contact with cohesive soil always exhibit greater shear strength at the interface than smooth geomembrane.

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