Steel plastic geogrid


Steel plastic geogrid

The steel-plastic geogrid is made of high-strength steel wire (or other fiber), specially treated, with polyethylene (PE), and other additives, and it is extruded into a composite high-strength tensile strip with rough pressure on the surface. The pattern is a high-strength reinforced geotechnical belt. The single belt is formed by longitudinal or transverse arranging or clamping, and is welded by a fusion welding technique with special strengthening bonding to form a reinforced geogrid.


1, high strength, small deformation;

2, creep is small;

3, corrosion resistance, long life: steel plastic geogrid with plastic material as a protective layer, supplemented with various additives to make it resistant to aging, oxidation, acid, alkali, salt and other harsh environments. Therefore, the steel-plastic geogrid can meet the needs of various permanent projects for more than 100 years, and has excellent performance and good dimensional stability.

4, the construction is convenient and fast, the cycle is short, and the cost is low: the laying, lap jointing and positioning of the steel-plastic geogrid are easy and smooth, avoiding overlap and crossover, which can effectively shorten the engineering cycle and save the engineering cost by 10%-50%.


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