What is biaxial plastic geogrid


Biaxial Geogrid

The biaxial plastic geogrid is made of polypropylene (PP), plasticized extruded sheet, punched, heated, longitudinally stretched, and transversely stretched.


The biaxial plastic geogrid has great tensile strength in both the longitudinal and transverse directions. This structure provides an ideal interlocking system for the more effective force bearing and diffusion in the soil, adapting to large area permanent The foundation of the bearing is reinforced.

It is suitable for various dams and subgrade reinforcement, slope protection, wall reinforcement, and permanent foundation support for large airports, parking lots and terminal yards.

1. Increase the bearing capacity of the road (ground) base and extend the service life of the road (ground) base.

2. Prevent the road (ground) surface from collapsing or cracking, and keep the ground beautiful and tidy.

3. Convenient construction, saving time, labor, shortening construction period and reducing maintenance costs.

4. Prevent cracks in the culvert.

5. Strengthen the slope to prevent soil erosion.

6. Reduce the thickness of the cushion and save the cost.

7. Support the stability of the slope and grass mat to green the environment.

8. Can replace metal mesh, used in coal mine underground false roof network

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